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A little bit about me and my blog...

I have always been an avid traveller. I was the mature age of twelve years old before I left England and went abroad for the first time to France; ever since I have been keen to experience new cultures and lifestyles. From going on school ski trips to Austria to working for nine months before travelling around South East Asia, I have taken any chance available to visit different countries. 


I am a BA (Hons) Photography student at Coventry University and when I first began searching for the university I wanted to study at, one of the key features I would look for in the course specification was the opportunity to study for a year abroad. Once my second academic year began in September 2017, applying for the Erasmus programme to do this was the first thing on my mind.


After the process of being accepted to study ‘Communications’ at the Universidad de Europea Madrid (UEM) was completed in March 2018, I spent the remaining time from then until September 2018 organising and preparing for my life-changing  journey ahead. 


This blog documents my experiences of studying and living in Madrid for three hundred and thirty-one days through my own photos and writing; with the purpose to share it with anyone who is interested in the visual arts, travelling or doing the Erasmus programme! 

Additionally, this blog also logs all the photography professional experience which I have endured before and whilst studying my photography degree, to give insights into what I get up to. Happy reading!

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