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The Outsider NYC exhibition 2019

Earlier this year, the university I attend back in the UK, announced a call out for photography work responding to the themes of photographers experiencing the positions of being both an insider and outsider. The work submitted was to be taken on black and white analogue film and if chosen, would be exhibited in a pop-up exhibition at the Bushwick Community Darkroom in Brookyln, New York on a university trip in March.

I thought this was a really exciting and beneficial opportunity for my work to be seen, especially in an arty city of America! Jumping at the chance, myself and fellow colleague, Jasmine Smith decided to create a collaborative body of work to submit in attempt to be selected for the exhibit. We wrote an artist statement for the work – ‘The Insider y El Forastero’ and posted our three best negatives by mail as requested to Coventry University.

Weeks past and we fortunately heard that we had been chosen for the exhibition which was fantastic news; I feel very lucky to be able to say that our work was exhibited in New York alongside our other colleagues. From what I have seen the exhibition appeared to be a great success with many beautiful black and white images displayed.

Below features the best three photographs that we submitted for our project:

Here are some photos of the exhibit taking place and our work: (photo credit to Coventry University students and lecturers)

Here is a link to the full project we made together; with our artist statement and the most successful photographs:


Here is a link to Coventry University’s Instagram account which documents it all taking place:


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